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Programming is the way in which humans give computers instructions.

Just as we use English to communicate with people, we use programming languages to communicate with a computer.

This class focuses specifically on the programming languages that are used to create websites on the internet.



Career Pathways:

Web Application Developer
Applications Specialist
Web Site Developer
Web Designer
Mobile Applications
Entry Level Database Administrator


Here are some projects made by students in this class!

Island Dreams - Joseph Hughes

Chatroom - Patrick Sonday

Piglatin Translator - James Victoroff

Grand River Marine - Zach Culpepper, Al Airey, and Larry Clark

Bonobo - Josh Napier

Product Page - Keely Woods and Raelynn Cole


In this class, you can receive many certifications, which are listed here.

Junior Year:

OSHA 5-Hour
CIW Internet Business Associate
CIW Site Development Associate
Microsoft Digital Literacy

Senior Year:

CIW Network Technology Associate
IC3: Internet Core Competency Certification

College Credits

In this class, you can also earn college credits for after you graduate.

Articulations (Lakeland):

ITIS 1005Computers & Information Processing3 credits
ITIS 1007Principles of Info. Tech. & Computer Science3 credits
ITIS 1108Using an HTML editor2 credits
ITIS 1510Microsoft Office Word: Skills & Techniques3 credits
ITON 1050Using Microsoft Windows 71 credit
ITCS 1010Programming Logic3 credits

Articulations (Hocking):

NET 1120Computer Hardware and Operating Systems3 credits
MATH 1107Logic3 credits
WEB 1101Javascript 13 credits
WEB 1102HTML/CSS 16 credits
WEB 1103Java 13 credits
WEB 1104Database3 credits

Articulations (Kent State):

COMT 11005Intro to Operation Systems & Networking3 credits
COMT 12000Personal Productivity Software3 credits
COMT 11006Intro to Website Technology3 credits
COMT 11000Intro to Computer Systems3 credits

Articulations (Bryant & Stratton):

TECH 100Business Info System Principles 3 credits
TECH 130Hardware & Operating System3 credits
TECH 140Networking Fundamentals3 credits
SECR 180Intro to Network Security3 credits
COMM 150Intro to Information Literacy & Research3 credits
INSM 180History & Practice of Information3 credits
NETW 150Routing & Switching in Networked Environment3 credits

Job & Salary Information

Career Opportunities

The U.S. Department of Labor projects that software developers, web developers, computer support specialists, database administrators, and network architects will be among the fastest growing occupations through 2026.

Job Outlook & Salaries

Job Title Job Outlook by 2026
Computer & Information Research Analysts
$114,520 Median Pay in 2017
19% increase
Computer & Information Systems Manager
$139,220 Median Pay in 2017
12% increase
Computer Network Architects
$104,650 Median Pay in 2017
6% increase
Computer Support Specialists
$52,810 Median Pay in 2017
11% increase
Computer Systems Analysts
$88,270 Median Pay in 2017
9% increase
Database Administrators
$87,020 Median Pay in 2017
11% increase
Information Security Analysts
$95,510 Median Pay in 2017
28% increase
Network and Computer Systems Administrators
$81,100 Median Pay in 2017
6% increase
Software Developers
$103,560 Median Pay in 2017
24% increase
Web Developers
$67,990 Median Pay in 2017
15% increase

Information Technology & Computer Science

Computer Science/Programming:

  • Application Programming and Development Concentration
  • Computer Science/Software Engineering Concentration


  • Database Administrator Concentration

Information Systems:

  • User Support Specialist Major
  • Web Content Developer Concentration

Operating Systems/Networking:

  • Operating Systems/Networking Concentration

Associate of Technical Studies Degree in Computer Information Technology Certificates:

  • Computer User
  • IT Foundations
  • IT Specialist
  • IT Professional
  • Red Hat Engineer Preparation
  • Red Hat Certified Administrator



Notepad++ is a basic, free IDE that you can download on any computer. While it doesn't hold your hand too much, it still offers a myriad of useful features.



Shiftedit is a browser-based IDE that will directly upload your file to server whenever you save it. It offers many auto-completion options that can be helpful for new programmers.